China Flag Colors Code – 2 Colors HEX, RGB & CMYK Palette

China Flag has 2 colors. The China Flag Colors are Red and Yellow. This logo is verified by the Govt. site of China. The symbol of the flag is star with the plain pattern.


You can easily use the China Flag Colors palette for your personal and commercial projects. But if you want to use the flag for your commercial or personal project please don’t forget to maintain the law and regulations of using the China flag.

There are 2 unique Palette colors on the flag of China called Red, Yellow and the color codes of HEX, RGB and CMYK will be discussed in the China Flag Colors below –


What are the China Flag Colors code? – HEX, RGB & CMYK


The Chinese flag is unique from the other Eastern Asia countries in Asia. The star makes it a great look with the plain. If you have any suggestions regarding the China Flag Colors code or colors just leave them below in the comment section.

What is the China Flag Colors Meaning?

Red and yellow, the two colors in the China flag. The red represents the blood of revolutionary forefathers spilled in order to create the PRC. The 5 yellow stars represent the 56 different ethnic groups living in China and the large star represents the Chinese Communist Party as the leader of the Chinese people.

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