Boston Celtics Colors Code – Team Logo

The Boston Celtics team logo has 6 colors. The official Boston Celtics team colors of the logo are Celtics green, Celtics black, Celtics gold, Celtics brown, Celtics beige and Celtics white. This logo is used by Boston Celtics officially.

You can easily use the Boston Celtics team logo color palette for your personal and commercial projects. But if you want to use the logo for your commercial or personal project please don’t forget to contact with Boston Celtics.

Boston Celtics Team Logo Colors

Boston Celtics Team Logo

Boston Celtics Team Logo Colors Codes

The Boston Celtics logo colors codes of RGB, HEX, CMYK and Pantone of the team logo are given below –

What is Celtics logo called?

The Boston Celtics logo is commonly referred to as the “Leprechaun logo” or “Celtics Leprechaun” because it features an illustration of a leprechaun, a mythical creature from Irish folklore. The leprechaun is dressed in traditional Irish attire, including a green suit, black boots, and a green hat with a shamrock on it.

The leprechaun is holding a basketball in his right hand and a shillelagh in his left hand, which is a traditional Irish walking stick. This logo was introduced in 1995 and it has been the primary logo of the team ever since.

Why do the Celtics have a black stripe?

The Boston Celtics have a black stripe on their home and away jerseys, it’s a design element that was added to the team’s uniforms in the early 2000s. The black stripe is located on the left side of the jersey, running from the shoulder down to the waist. The black stripe is not a traditional element of the team’s uniforms, and it does not have a specific meaning.

It is speculated that it was added as a design element to give the team’s uniforms a more modern and updated look. The black stripe also helps to break up the green color and make the team’s uniforms more visually interesting. However, the team has not officially commented on the reasons behind the black stripe, and it remains primarily a design choice.